Banned Products (Exports)

Articles of Archaeological and Religious Importance

– National and foreign coins of archaeological value
– Idols of gods and goddesses, palm leaf inscription (Tad Patra), plant leaf inscription (Bhojpatra)
– Scroll (Thanka paintings) of historical importance
– Cows & Oxen

Conserved wildlife and related Articles

– Wild animals
– Bile and any part of wild animals
– Musk
– Snake skin, lizard skin


Marijuana, opium hashish (as defined in the Single Convention on Narcotics 1961)

Articles of Industrial Raw Materials

– Explosive materials and the related fuse or materials needed for fuse
– Materials used in the production of arms and ammunition

Industrial Raw Materials

– Raw hides and skin (including dry salted)
– Raw wool
– All the imported raw materials, spare parts and capital goods,

Other Products

– Mamira
– Log and timber
– Export to India
– All the goods imported from countries other than India (except permitted under bag & baggage notification)


Sugar Products as notified by the Government of Nepal in Gazette from time to time.

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